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Update On Osun Governorship Election Tribunal

*Failed to Present Witnesses
* Asked for adjournment till the 24th.
*Tribunal Judges Angry at Delay Tactics
* Let INEC Surrender if...Oke,SAN

Osun election petition tribunal opened today with the electoral commission recieving harsh criticism following its failure to present witnesses for examination before the court.

In a blistering reaction ,the panel chairman chided the INEC for failing to organise itself and for employing delay tactics contrary to the admonition of the court.

"Borrow a leaf from the petitioners.They were organised and ready and were able to present 80 witnesses. They are not in government ,yet they are this organised and can plan their resources",the panel chairman declared.

The sitting had opened with the counsel to INEC seeking adjournment till next week on the ground that  the witnesses to Present before the court are not yet available.

The counsel who was apologising profusely however got more than what he bargained for when the Tribunal chairman tackled him with barrage of questions and condemnations for treating the court with levity.

"Election petiton is an Emergency and so must run from day to day unlike regular court proceedings. Borrow a leaf from the petitioners.We are conscripted by time.Our albatross are the lawyers ;you like to see us suffer.What is so difficult in presenting your witnesses?"

"We have read your submission.What is delaying your witnesses .Is it that you have not prepared them since the time you submitted the evidence?",the panel chairman retorted.

Counsels to APC and Gboyega Oyetola however supported the INEC counsel,explaining logistics issues behind the inability of the witnesses to appear today.

The counsel to the petitioner ,N.O.Oke in his contribution supported the concerns raised by the panel chairman as he said the development points to INEC having no defence against the petition of his client.

"My Lord,if INEC has no defence against our petition, I urge them to throw in their towel and surrender now to our petition",Oke said.

Ruling on the matter ,the tribunal rejected request for adjournment till 24th and ruled that the sitting  is adjourned till today 10am.

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