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APC Caught Sharing Money To Northerners To Vote (Video)

A viral video on Twitter as shared by Farooq Kperogi,In the 30-second video captured by Mandy News, the All Progressives Congress (APC) can be seen talking to the poor people from the Northern of Nigeria to vote broom in Hausa language.

English translation of the words in the video:
"Ours isn't like theirs. Don't go to them [presumably PDP people] if they call you. If you go there [i.e. the polling booth] thumbprint on broom, broom, broom."
Farooq Kperogi wrote;
"Here's a short clip of APC agents in a poverty-stricken northern Nigerian town openly buying votes. They tell d poor pple to vote broom after giving them cash. This preelection electoral offense is as bad as ballot snatching. Should they be shot, too, in line with Buhari's order?"
See the video below:


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