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Deji Adeyanju Meets Bail Conditions, Judge Refuses To Sign Release Warrant

The rate of rot and executive interference in the judiciary has reached a pitiable state. If Nigerians fail to salvage Nigeria tomorrow then the country would go to the Dogs forever.

According to A Ariyo an associate of Deji Adeyanju they met the stringent bail conditions for the release of Deji Adeyanju but the Judge refused to sign it and regisrar abscond. This was how he put it :

Updates on @adeyanjudeji

- we met the very stringent bail conditions which could have taken more days;

- the judge refused to sign the warrant of release, as excuses trumped justice, albeit temporarily;

- they didn't expect us to meet it before Feb 23.

Bail conditions contained an embedded sureties' assets verification process in Kano Bureau & Ministry of Land. Usually, it takes several days to get the report but we got it less 72hrs. It shocked them.

Registrar left when Judge was still in chamber. Justice delayed. Shameful.

This is similar to the dance of Shame Zainab Bulkachuwa and the Judges in the court of appeal have been playing with the suit involving the CJN. 


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