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Five Facts About O TO GE Slogan And The Collapse Of Saraki's Dynasty

1. Alh. LAK Jimoh was the first politician in modern history of Kwara state to use the O TO GE slogan in a campaign. O TO GE simply means, Enough is Enough.

Alhaji Jimoh first used the slogan in 2011 when he was contesting the Kwara Central Senatorial seat under the People's Democratic Party (PDP). Bukola Saraki eventually won the ticket and went ahead to represent Kwara Central at the Senate.

While the slogan wasn't popular at the time, there's no taking away the fact that Alh LAK Jimoh used it first and could be rightly credited to be the originator.

2. 8 years later, the slogan idea was pitched again in 2018 immediately after the All Progressive Congress primary election in Kwara State.

After the APC primary election, Islamic singer, Aminat Obirere produced a song titled o to ge as part of a joint album coordinated by Kwara Must Change to promote the candidature of APC governorship candidate, Alh. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq. The album itself was titled o to ge, but due to some reasons, it wasn't released to the general public. Only selected stakeholders heard it at the time.

So, as far as 2019 election is concerned, the pitcg of o to ge slogan came out from the unreleased project of Kwara Must Change, which was later released few days ago.

3. For some reasons, after perusing all campaign materials supplied to them, the media agency engaged by the APC saw the need to adopt o to ge slogan for the 2019 election and posters and billboards were rolled out with the slogan o to ge.

4. Shortly after, Ibrahim Labaika, a popular Islamic artist released a single titled o to ge.
Labaika popularized the slogan through this track and many began to address him as Mr O TO GE.

5. As the slogan continue to resonate with the people at various places, the state government saw the need to stop it's growing popularity and they attempted to stop the opposition from using it.

However, the controversy generated by the action of government further popularized the o to ge slogan and this particular action ultimately became the greatest mistake of the government and Saraki dynasty until it's eventual defeat at the poll.

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