Season 5 is about to Establish Call of Duty: Warzone will continue to incorporate articles from future annual Call of Duty admissions, programmer Infinity Ward has confirmed. Even the free-to-play battle royale is likely to be updated as time passes and eventually become tied to brand new entries inside the Call of Duty string. Instead of moving from Warzone to a fresh conflict royale match such as we did together with black out, we’ll be playing with Warzone from here on out. Your advancement will not need to be reset when a new game released.

In an interview with the GamesRadar, Infinity Ward design manager Geoff Smith clarified that Warzone was always designed as a selfcontained product plus yet one that would possibly be changed around the progression of the series’s latest entries.

“Although Warzone is very tightly tied Into Modern Warfare, it was designed from the beginning as its game,” explained Smith. “Since the game is still updated overtime, it will evolve and become tied to additional matches in the Call of Duty universe.”

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The following Call of Duty has yet to be Official revealed, although numerous rumors suggest that it is going to soon be an additional entry in the on-going Black Ops sub-series that’ll take place during the Cold War. Call of Duty matches have been often revealed substantially sooner in the past they release , implying Activision is looking for a brand new way of marketing its second name, perhaps using Warzone being a platform.

Season 5 of Warzone is set to start later This week, with a pre-load for the huge patch live for PS-4 players. The year will finally open the scene for exploration, as well as present a brand new train in Verdansk that’ll allow players to plank it as it makes its way around the map.

As if there wasn’t any doubt left as to exactly what This year’s newest Call Of Duty is, Warzone has started hammering it while people Play. There’s a good Possibility that this year’s newest Call Of Duty game will be Announced now, given the time-locked cage Activision sent to influencers Weekly. That reveal will not occur till 5pm BST in the meantime lovers have Been surprised by teases turning upward while they are playing Warzone download now.

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