Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage has lastly spoken out on the connection that existed between herself and Wizkid.
The two were spotted a couple of months ago in several pictures together and that they even performed a couple of shows and this led to several speculating that perhaps there was something more between the 2 .
Tiwa Savage ousted these stories stating that the connection between the 2 wasn’t romantic in any way which the 2 haven’t had such an synergy.

She shout to Soundcity radio 98.5 and said that she scorned all the rumours surrounding the 2 which there was no pressure on her: “I heard all kinds of stories about Wizkid and that i , but I chose to ignore them.
“At some extent , people said i used to be dating Humblesmith; later they mentioned another (artiste?). How long will I still debunk these rumours. I even have been within the music industry for quite while and that i have grown a skin , so certain gossips or innuendo don’t get to me again.”

She also debris to be drawn into commenting on her failed marriage with Teebillz saying that it had been too sensitive a subject to speak about on Air; “Marriage may be a very sensitive matter that i might not want to delve into at this point . Whatever I say now could be taken by the opposite party in differently . More so, I regard TeeBlliz and our son. I don’t think it’s proper to be explaining this matter on air,”

Tiwa Savage was also decry of the comparisons to Beyonce that she gets tons and said they’re different body.
She said: “I wish people could stop correlate me to Beyonce. I respect her because she’s about the simplest female artiste within the world, but I don’t think i would like to be like her. i might rather wish to be myself. there’s no basis on behalf of me to be like her or anyone. I don’t know why people think i’m hooked in to her. i would like to get on my lane and be referred to as Tiwa Savage, not Beyonce.”

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